Sargakshetra Cultural and Charitable Centre

Sargakshetra Cultural and Charitable Centre


Sargakshetra is the breeding ground of the creative talents of the young generation. It is a fertile ground to cultivate and develop native human potentials and creativity. Sargakshetra was established by Founder in 2002 for the public benefit and it is recognized globally. Throughout our great history, Sargakshetra has offered access to a wide range of academic opportunities. As a Kerala’s leader to brings out and nurtures the hidden talents, capabilities and skill sets in the young generation, we have pioneered change in the sector.

However, their previous website fell short on responsive design and ease of accessing information about the services of Sargakshetra

The Challenge

Sargakshetra’s old website was a basic HTML 5-page website that did not do a good job of reflecting their culture, or services. New users found it difficult to discover more about Sargakshetra service offerings and globally recognized initiatives like [email protected]

In addition, Sargakshetra has a powerful local branding and a long-standing reputation for being a pillar of the community, but their old website did not reflect this. The old website did not serve well to highlight the things that Sargakshetra finds important, including their cultural events, social initiatives, and academic activities

The Solution

Our team of designers chose to develop a responsive website on the WordPress platform, a platform, we regularly use and which powers over 50% of the top million sites on the web. As a Content Management System (CMS), it handles all of the unique challenges of organizations like Sargakshetra so that they could easily update their site with the goings-on events and activities. Keeping in mind Sargakshetra’s goals to have a usable and visually-stunning website showing the activities and services.

The design of their new website focused on making sure that the site visitors knew what are the services and events done by Sargakshetra. With a focus on showing the cultural events and social initiatives and maintaining the culture, the new site much more accurately reflects Sargakshetra branding .


Sargakshetra’s new website is well-branded, easy to navigate, and accurately reflects both their connection to the local community and their various products and services. As visitors scroll down, there are large and obvious buttons for on-site interactions such as online chat or contacting them, the administration, and under those, there are links to Sargakshetra’s services and activities. Compared to the single-page layout that their old site had, the new site is much prettier and easier to navigate in addition to being more easily customizable.

In addition to the web design itself, Noun Technologies wrote content for the page to maintain the authoritative brand voice while still optimizing for marketing and readability. These pages of content work with the new site design to provide a modern and convenient experience when visiting Sargakshetra’s page.

Social Media Management 

Noun Technologies developed a strategy which targeted local community. Initially, our talented development and design teams created a number of interactive and educational resources, on the subjects such as IELTS, UGC NET, Kerala Administrative Services, and German. We then marketed this content to changanacherry (locally) to generate links and drive traffic. All the activities under Sargakshetra Cultural Charitable and Centre was updated to Social Media at the right time increased the brand awareness to the local people at an increase of 30%-40%.